Capital Markets Services & Expertise

Peregrine Oak structures and arranges debt and equity financing solutions. Working in concert and on behalf of our clients, we determine the best capital structure for each individual transaction. All solutions are unbiased and allow our clients the opportunity to select the best available structure, and source to accomplish their respective goals. As our core offering,
we can offer, general terms and structure within 48 hours.

Continuity of Service Guarantee

Post-closing transaction support is just as important as new business. As an added benefit, and at not additional cost, we remain accessible, available, and committed. We will continue to offer our full support in the resolution of any issues that may arise. For every transaction that we close, we will continue to remain engaged for the duration of the full term of the arrangement.

Portfolio Asset Analysis (PAA)

PAA is a complimentary offering for select clients. We perform a detailed analysis of an individual asset or portfolio of assets with the client’s participation. We take a forward-looking approach in identifying strategies to guard against downside risk and enhance overall performance. Interest rate fluctuations and Return on Investment are a few of the areas that we target.